An illustration of my face by my friend Sarah.
A photo of me, taken by Daniel Veley.

How goes it?

I'm Jordan, a musician & producer from Idaho. I've been creating music and helping others do the same for 10 years. I'm probably:

In someone else's words

Idaho musician Jordan Thornquest maps his mindstate with theatrical relish, producing a form of punk-informed power pop that’s both candidly introspective and fearlessly extroverted. Though his vocal curlicues resemble those of Destroyer’s Dan Bejar, he’s rarely cryptic, singing about his hopes, fears, desires, and hang-ups with a panache that’s just a little bit perverse. Thornquest’s first EP, the five-track Late Bloomer, debuted in December 2017 and explores “themes of self-worth and relationships,” including with his beloved corgi Jess, over beefy power-trio arrangements.

Last December’s single “Hopeless, Romantic” expands on these themes with a steady, almost Southern-rock groove and plaintive backing vocals (his own). Thornquest was born and raised in Twin Falls, a town he threatens to burn on “The Happiest Man in Town;” luckily, he found a less destructive solution to his small-town woes, and he now lives and works in Boise. He has two EPs and an album planned for 2020.

Words by Daniel Bromfield.

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Current Projects

Kiwi and Scooter, the two frontpeople of King & Queen of the Losers.

King & Queen of the Losers

I play lead guitar & do backup harmonies for indie-rockers King & Queen of the Losers. Their debut record Crutch was released in 2017, and their followup American Squalor arrives in December of 2019. We’ll be touring with this record in 2020.

Me & my buddy Chase playing guitar together on stage. We're both in Mains & Monitors.

Mains & Monitors

I play lead guitar in a power-pop band called Mains & Monitors. We just released an album called Kalani, and we’re super friggin’ proud of it. I led the recording work on this project at Neighborhood Sounds, and it was post-produced by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden (Jeff Rosenstock, Deafhaven, Remo Drive).

Green Citrine members Josiah & Tony sitting on a couch.

Green Citrine

I did the recording engineering & mixing Idaho pop-rock duo Green Citrine’s debut album. The record is slated for release later this year.

The cover art for my recent EP, Late Bloomer. Taken by Eli Stonemets.

Personal Music

I wrote and released my first EP in December of 2017: it’s called Late Bloomer. It’s a power-pop record focusing on themes of self-worth, relationships, noodly guitars, and my dog. Workin’ on the next one right now.

A photo of Eli Stonemets, the mastermind behind Backyard Universe.

Backyard Universe

I’m working with my friend Eli Stonemets on the first album for his project Backyard Universe. It’s an alt-rock project with influences from artists like The National, The Strokes, & Big Thief.