An illustration of my face by my friend Sarah.
A photo of me, taken by Daniel Veley.

Hey, there.

I'm Jordan, a musician & producer from Boise, Idaho. I've been creating music for 8 years, and I'm also dabbling in digital art & podcasting. I write reviews and commentaries about creative works that interest me: you'll be able to read those writings on this site, eventually.

First Impressions

Current Projects

Me & my buddy Chase playing guitar together on stage. We're both in Mains & Monitors.

Mains & Monitors

I play lead guitar in a power-pop band called Mains & Monitors. We just released an album called Kalani, and we’re super friggin’ proud of it. I led the recording work on this project at Neighborhood Sounds, and it was post-produced by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden (Jeff Rosenstock, Deafhaven, Remo Drive).

The cover art for my recent EP, Late Bloomer. Taken by Eli Stonemets.

Personal Music

I wrote and released my first EP in December of 2017: it’s called Late Bloomer. It’s a power-pop record focusing on themes of self-worth, relationships, noodly guitars, and my dog. Y’know, like every friggin’ sad-boy record. Workin’ on the next one right now.

A photo of Eli Stonemets, the mastermind behind Backyard Universe.

Backyard Universe

I’m working with my friend Eli Stonemets on the first album for his project Backyard Universe. It’s an alt-rock project with influences from artists like The National, The Strokes, & Big Thief.